News for Practice insurance patients

Thank you for signing up with our new dental healthcare plan.

The plan is administered by Lloyd & Whyte who are endorsed by the British Dental Association.

Your care plan benefits include:

  • Check-ups as needed
  • Scaling, polishing and other necessary hygiene treatment
  • Dental x-rays as required
  • Preventative dental advice
  • Necessary fillings
  • Necessary extractions
  • Worldwide accident & emergency dental insurance


Emergency cover

If you need to access emergency dental treatment when you are away from home, or when the practice is closed, your costs are covered up to £200 per visit in the UK, and up to £400 in the rest of the world.

Please phone the practice on 01803 298032 and follow the instructions on the answerphone to access emergency treatment and advice if you are at home.

If you are away from home, you can contact any convenient dentist (eg arranged by your holiday rep or family). Please pay the dentist you see and ensure that you ask for a detailed receipt that specifies the treatment you have received and how much you have paid.

When you are back, phone Mandy on reception (01803 298032) and she will arrange for your claim to be processed.


Please remember that you are only covered if all your payments are up to date.